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365 … Revisited.

So, last year I fancied that I would get involved with a photographic 365 project on Flickr. For those who don’t know about these projects … it is very simple (or so they say!) … You basically take a picture a day for every day of the year (thus 365) … and post them somewhere […]

It’s New Years Eve!

What’s your resolution? Do you make them? Do you keep them? I don’t know if I have ever really made any … and I am sure I simply can’t THINK of any because I never really actually KEPT any. But I have a few “thoughts” for the upcoming year 😉 And they go something like […]

Christmas Came!

OK, so I failed miserably at maintaining a proper countdown to Christmas via this blog. BUT we did have a freaking awesome Christmas! I hope you did too 🙂 So, want to see our tree??? (which was supposed to be blogged about over a week ago – as part of the countdown) … Well, it […]

Countdown to Christmas: Day 3: Love Your Community!

Today was pure Christmas awesomeness in Downtown Bangor. Our city celebrated Downtown Holiday Festival Day in a big way! So very much celebrating/crafting/socializing to participate in. Isaac and I parked our car around noon … hiked all around downtown … from one great event to another … and didn’t make it home till 7:50! A […]

Countdown to Christmas: Epic Gift Idea …

Ok, this gift idea is not necessarily “EPIC” for every person on your list … but I must say, I am pretty darn impressed with it myself. Some good friends of ours thought it was near sacrilege that Isaac had no knowledge of who Marty McFly was or that a DeLorean equipped with a flux […]

Frugal & Green Holiday Idea #1 …

On a recent trip to our local Lowe’s Hardware store … bored out of my mind … waiting for Halis to find whatever he was looking for … I found a clearance section in the plant department. Yes, a clearance section. Now, usually clearance sections of any particular department contain items that I would not […]

16 Years of Keeping Our Commitment …

… to one another … through good and bad … sickness and health … bad hair-dos and mustaches … and everything in-between. Halis and I celebrated our 16th Wedding Anniversary (October 8th) on October 10, 2011 with a day trip to Bar Harbor. We took Isaac with us … of course … because a wedding […]