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It’s Been a Bumpy Ride …

 … but with the help of these two amazing guys … all is well now. I stopped posting to this blog quite some time ago because chaos took over our lives. Some of it was bad … real bad. But some of it was good … real good. Things seem to have come to us […]

Yesterday: In Pictures.

  Well, say “Hello” to Sherman …  and his crazy brother, Zack …   These are the newest members of our family. And if you have ever heard me talk about cats before, you are in shock right now. Yes, I have gone to the dark side …  ever since Miss Lyra came into our […]

Isaac’s Italian Stallion Lemonade Stand.

photo by Krysten Noyes Isaac is amazing. If you know him, you already know this. If you don’t, please allow me to illuminate his awesomeness (as well as the awesomeness of the community we live in). On Sunday, June 3rd, Isaac set up his Italian Stallion Lemonade Stand in West Market Square in Downtown Bangor as […]

Mole #4.

My boy loves theatre. And Next Generation Theatre in Brewer, ME is such a great place for him to explore all aspects of being part of a theatre production. It is a theatre that is FOR kids and run BY kids. The older teens (directors) teach the younger kiddos. And though adults help with costuming, the set, […]

Little Gifts.

I have been feeling pretty lousy the past few days. Terrible cold. Tight chest. Headache. BLAH! So, lots of sleeping … and/or just laying in bed playing Scrabble on the IPad in an attempt to sleep. I also broke a tooth … so am feeling like I am falling apart. BUT this too shall pass. […]

Isaac’s Drawing.

Isaac asked me yesterday what I did for work before he was born. My response was that I had several jobs during my young adult life … so did he want to know them all? He told me to pick the one I had when Daddy and I first starting dating… Well, the truth is […]

Sunday is Daddy & Isaac Day.

I work on Sundays. And while I am about to type a little something about Isaac and his Daddy and what they do on their Sundays … let me first say that I work at a lovely place … Metropolitan Soul in downtown Bangor. Recently, I posted the following to my Facebook wall … “So […]

Children’s Museum of Bangor.

It was a snowy day earlier this week … so Isaac and I decided to spend some time at the local Maine Discovery Museum. I now know that poor Isaac was coming down with something … so he didn’t expend too much energy … but we did enjoy the following … This place is such […]

Basketball for Little Ones.

Do you have a YMCA in your area? Or a Parks & Recreation Dept? If so … you really should get your kiddos/grandkids/nieces or nephews into the basketball program. Not only is it good for them … but it is SO good for a daily dose of laughter. These kids are so totally adorable … […]

Mr. Facebook Guy.

The other day I friend requested someone on Facebook that I had heard lots about within my social circles. He has a reputation locally for being someone who is in the process of “doing it all” … travelling everywhere, meeting famous people, creating successful businesses, enjoying success in his various art forms, etc. I was […]