$20 in Your Pocket? : List of Bangor Area Thrift Shops.

Our family loves a good thrift shop. Our house, our closets, and our bookshelves are filled with goodies that cost pennies on the dollar. From comic books to muck boots to furniture and kitchen sinks … the Bangor area is full of non-profit thrift shops to meet every need. Not only can you save good money on jeans that your kiddo will outgrow in weeks … but you can do so while supporting great causes that benefit the community. But how to find them all? Well, here is as comprehensive a list as I could put together to help you find what you need. (If you know of any others I should include, please post them in the comment section). Happy Thrifting!

1. The Attic
170 Center St, Bangor, Maine
(207) 945-5523

Attic 1

  • Hours: Mon-Fri 10-3, Sat 9-12
  • Proceeds benefit the All Saints Catholic School.
  • Books, clothing, games, toys, small household items, etc.
  • They keep a glass case of higher end items that sometimes includes unique antiques.
  •  Large selection of medical scrubs.
  • Small, friendly, and always a good book to be found.
  • Operated by volunteers.

Attic 2

2. The BRM Resale Shop & Christian Mission
126 Third Street, Bangor, Maine
(207) 942-4161

BRM Resale Shop 2

  • Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-4
  • Proceeds benefit the Bangor Rescue Mission.
  • Food Cupboard on Wed mornings from 9:30-10:30.
  • Vouchers are given to homeless individuals and families who need clothing.
  • Children’s books are always free.
  • One free toy per child per visit.
  • Great selection of all sorts of clothing, books, and small household goods.
  • Operated by volunteers and paid staff.

BRM Resale Shop 1

3. Family Thrift Shop
54 Cumberland Street, Bangor, Maine
(207) 299-6637

Family Thrift 6

  • Hours: Mon-Fri 10-5, Sat 10-3
  • Proceeds benefit a local food cupboard and church.
  • All clothing is just $1 a piece.
  • Attached to the shop is a small antique store.
  • Crafting items, clothing, small household, jewelry, toys, linens.
  • Run by a local family.
  • Operated by volunteers and paid staff.

Family Thrift 4

4. & 5. Goodwill Industries of Northern New England
805 Stillwater Avenue, Bangor, ME
(207) 947-7984

610 Wilson St, Brewer, ME
(207) 989-1511


  • Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 10-7
  • Website: www.goodwillnne.org
  • Proceeds benefit several community outreach projects.
  • You can purchase a discount card that gets you 10% off all purchases for a year.
  • These locations sell used & new items … including furniture.
  • It is harder to find major bargains in stores now that they are selling higher end donations on Ebay … but you can also check out their Ebay page.
  • They run weekly sales on merchandise that has been there for over a month.
  • Operated by paid staff.


* Goodwill photos copied from their website.

6. Habitat Restore of Bangor
83 Washington Street, Bangor, Maine
(207) 992-0704

Restore 1

  • Hours: Tue-Sat 9-5
  • Website: www.habitatbangor.org/restore
  • Proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity of Bangor.
  • Mostly large house items: furniture, building supplies, large appliances, sinks, etc.
  • Also some small items: books, silverware, lamps, etc.
  • Friendly staff. Unusual items.
  • Operated by volunteers and paid staff.

*ReStore photo borrowed from Facebook.

7. Hands of Hope
700 Hogan Rd, Bangor, ME
(207) 942-5005

Hands of Hope 1

  • Hours: Mon-Sat 9-8pm, Sun 10-5
  • Website: www.bangorhandsofhope.tripod.com
  • Proceeds benefit the Hands of Hope Christmas Project.
  • The shop is now buying clothing to resell.
  • This place sells everything from Legos to 4-wheelers.
  • They offer in-house financing on large items, including furniture and recreational vehicles.
  • They offer a discount card for 10% off clothing and shelf items as well as 50% off a color tag each month.
  • Operated by paid staff.

Hands of Hope 3 Hands of Hope 4

8. The Home Thrift Store
51 Hillside Ave, Bangor, Maine
(207) 990-0900

Manna 3

  •  Hours: Tue-Sat 9-4:30
  • Proceeds benefit Manna Industries (food cupboard & community outreach).
  • This is the cleanest thrift store I have ever set foot in.
  • Clothing, toys, household items, linens, bikes, etc.
  • Very good quality items. Feels more like a consignment shop than a thrift shop.
  • Operated by paid staff.

Manna 2

9. Orono Thrift Shop
10 Birch Street, Orono, Maine

Orono Thrift 1

  • Hours: Wed 10-4, Sat 10-3
  • Proceeds benefit The Orono Health Association which supports over 15 area non-profit community outreach programs.
  • Clothing, toys, books, shoes, small household items.
  • Friendly staff, excellent prices.
  • Magazines are free.
  • Discount sales throughout the year.
  • Operated by volunteers.

Orono Thrift 2

10. Salvation Army Family Store
585 Broadway St, Bangor, Maine
(207) 941-2293

Salvation Army 4

  • Hours: Mon-Sat 9-6
  • Proceeds benefit Salvation Army charitable works.
  • Might be the largest selection of thrift goods in the area.
  • Clothing, glass, crafts, household goods, furniture, sporting goods, etc.
  • Vouchers given to people in need.
  • Operated by volunteers and paid staff.

Salvation Army 1 Salvation Army 2

11. Saving Grace Thrift Store
193 Union Street, Bangor, Maine
(207) 942-8320

Saving Grace 1

  • Hours: Tue – Sat 10-1
  • Proceeds benefit community outreach programs.
  • Clothing, toys, books, games, shoes, small household items, linens, craft supplies, etc.
  • Small bags of toys free to each child per visit.
  • Once a month drawing for a free voucher.
  • Vouchers given to those in need.
  • Free bread given out daily to customers.
  • Free frozen food items given out on Thursdays.
  • Free coffee, tea, hot cocoa and snacks to whomever is interested.
  • Operated by volunteers.

Saving Grace 3

12. Shoestring Thrift Shop
10 Brimmer Street, Brewer, Maine
(702) 745-7208


  • Hours: Wed-Sat 9-2
  • Proceeds give local high school kids substantial college scholarships.
  • Scholarship recipients must show proof of volunteerism.
  • Mostly clothes, books and household linens.
  • Free box at the door … filled with various items.
  • Nice plus-sized woman selection.
  • Operated by volunteers.
  • Currently in desperate need of volunteers.

Shoestring 1


I hope this list encourages you to try out some of these great shops. Thanks to Rebecca Krupke and Mike Ogilvie for joining me on a fun day of thrift shopping … and for acting as my models for this post. We scored hardcover Harry Potter books, a Lego game, some old school fluffy pajamas, homeschool curriculum books, and a lovely pillow cover. For less than $5.



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