Basketball for Little Ones.

Do you have a YMCA in your area? Or a Parks & Recreation Dept? If so … you really should get your kiddos/grandkids/nieces or nephews into the basketball program. Not only is it good for them … but it is SO good for a daily dose of laughter.

These kids are so totally adorable … trying to hold on to the balls … learning to dribble … asking for drink breaks every 10 minutes … and don’t get me started on the passing and free throws. Hilarious! ( I mean, Healthy!).

Isaac is having a wonderful time in this class. It meets once a week … yet he has also taken to practicing at open gym days … he so enjoys this sport. And he is even making baskets! Daddy has always not-so-secretly hoped that Isaac would enjoy playing football. But as for this Mama, I am openly hoping he sticks to Basketball. At its best, it is a “gentleman’s sport” … without the face punching of hockey and the full body tackles of football. Either way … he is loving this … and he is getting active during the coldest months of winter. Win-win.

Oh yeah … and Halis and I are getting our laughs in … win-win-win.

What are your kids doing this winter?


Jodi Renshaw

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