Monthly Archives: January 2012

Children’s Museum of Bangor.

It was a snowy day earlier this week … so Isaac and I decided to spend some time at the local Maine Discovery Museum. I now know that poor Isaac was coming down with something … so he didn’t expend too much energy … but we did enjoy the following … This place is such […]

Basketball for Little Ones.

Do you have a YMCA in your area? Or a Parks & Recreation Dept? If so … you really should get your kiddos/grandkids/nieces or nephews into the basketball program. Not only is it good for them … but it is SO good for a daily dose of laughter. These kids are so totally adorable … […]

Mr. Facebook Guy.

The other day I friend requested someone on Facebook that I had heard lots about within my social circles. He has a reputation locally for being someone who is in the process of “doing it all” … travelling everywhere, meeting famous people, creating successful businesses, enjoying success in his various art forms, etc. I was […]

365 … Revisited.

So, last year I fancied that I would get involved with a photographic 365 project on Flickr. For those who don’t know about these projects … it is very simple (or so they say!) … You basically take a picture a day for every day of the year (thus 365) … and post them somewhere […]