Christmas Came!

OK, so I failed miserably at maintaining a proper countdown to Christmas via this blog. BUT we did have a freaking awesome Christmas! I hope you did too 🙂

So, want to see our tree??? (which was supposed to be blogged about over a week ago – as part of the countdown) …

Well, it was going to be a glorious looking tree from Halis’s land in Lagrange … picked out by Halis and Isaac … a father/son day of searching out the perfect tree … then cutting it down together … while searching out some moose and deer … then enjoying some hot cocoa later by a campfire … etc…

Instead, Halis told me — at the final hour I might add — that the search for the glorious tree never happened. So, Mommy found a tree in our backyard. The only tree that would fit into our house … which also happened to be the saddest looking tree we have ever put up. I could have cut it down with a kitchen knife.

See how the lovely star — which is virtually weightless — hangs from the tree like the infamous Charlie Brown evergreen? Yes. Hmmmm….

But we did our best to make it look pretty. And … I actually love it. 🙂

And it was free. Not even the cost of gas. How is that for part of our frugal Christmas 😉

How was your tree? Show me a picture.

And Merry Christmas … a bit belated … but just as heartfelt.


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