Countdown to Christmas: Day 5: Enjoy Your Friends!

Isaac and I were invited to our friend Victoria’s house the other day … for tea time. Yes, tea time. A British tradition that we sorely lack here in the the “new world”. Sure, we have coffee breaks … but they don’t come with piping hot popovers, various fruits, sharp cheese and wafer cookies dipped in flavored cream cheese. Sounds like an odd group of yummies, but I can assure you that they were perfect. (However, coffee breaks do come with donut holes, which we also enjoyed).

Having never been invited to an afternoon tea, I had no idea what to bring. But a craft of some kind – for all to enjoy – always seems appropriate. I brought some blank cards, colored ink pads, and an Ed Emberley book — for some thumbprint art. After seeing this article in Family Fun magazine for creating these sweet cards …

… I thought it would be a great group activity. Little did I know that Victoria’s daughter, Meg, would take it to a whole new level …

Awesome! She gave Isaac much inspiration …

So, it was a lovely, lovely tea time. Such gracious hosts. Wonderful conversation. Playful cats. Yummy food. And crafty goodness.

Enjoying my friends has become a high priority lately. And I am blessed with some wonderful friends to enjoy. (Thank you!) How about you? Are you enjoying your friends lately? How? What are your plans with friends for the holiday season?

And … who wants to start a tea time hosting rotation in our community? 😉


P.S. And if you are interested in making some of your own Ed Emberley art … or gifting a wonderful book to someone young at heart … check them out here.
Jodi Renshaw

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