“A Night On Broadway” at Next Generation Theatre.

Thanks to my amazing friend Tricia Kenny, of CK2 Photography, my son is now a “theatre kid” … at Next Generation Theatre … and loving every minute of it! This past summer, he starred in their cabaret musical, “A Night On Broadway” … and blew me away with how dedicated he was. At 6 years old, he had yet to be away from Mom for more than an afternoon at Grandma’s … and then for 3 weeks, he went to theatre day camp every day from 9-1 … without Mom or Grandma … and felt absolutely safe and gloriously happy. He made wonderful friends, he learned to sing and dance, and he was surrounded by really great people whom I trust with his sensitive nature. It was so good for both of us. I needed to learn to let go a bit … and he thrived in it.

He was involved with the following scenes/songs: Consider Yourself (Oliver), Seasons of Love (RENT), Lullaby of Broadway, You Can’t Stop the Beat (Hairspray), Twenty Million People (My Favorite Year) … and our favorite … ME AND MY SHADOW … with Conor Kenny …

WOW. I never knew he had it in him … but he loves to perform … and is thrilled to be able to hang with the big kids, etc. I was so worried about stage fright, not fitting in, etc… but there was nothing to fear. The group of kids who participate in this theatre, the Moms who put so much effort into it, and the owner whose passionate about both theatre and the kids … made it easy for Isaac and I to fall in love with the place.

Oh, and he is going back for more too! He auditioned for their upcoming 101 Dalmations production and he got the role of Pongo! Perfect, right!? See you there, I hope! But be aware … I cry, cry, cry … through the entire production … in awe of what these kids can do … of their spirit, their confidence, their joy, their talents. And apparently I am not the only one, as several of my friends and my parents cried right along with me at Isaac’s last production!

GREAT JOB ISAAC! You rock! And thank you to Conor Kenny … whom he “shadows” in every way … both in life and in theatre. You are a great role model for him and we are so glad to have you in our lives! xo

(Scene from Seasons of Love act)

(Scene from Lullaby of Broadway act)

So, thank you Tracy Marceron for creating a space for such magic … thank you to Tricia Kenny for the pictures … thank you to Martha Ward for the videos … and a giant thank you to all the kids who put their hearts, soul, and dedication in to helping one another make great art!


PS. Meaghan filled in one night for one of the acts and was absolutely fabulous! As soon as we can get pictures and video of it, we will share it here on the blog. Imagine her voice, and her talent … singing Mama Who Bore Me. Not a dry eye in my family!

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