Meet Jim Lagasse / Pine Tree Art.

I found Jim Lagasse, and his work, while scouting Etsy for potential artists for the shop. I fell in love with his oil-on-canvas birch trees … as shown above … especially the striking red pieces. They are so simple, elegant, and interesting. And frankly, I LOVE the way they look in the shop.

Jim also works in watercolors and creates some subtle landscape pieces that seem to evoke feelings of “home” in those who admire them. Here are a couple of my favorites …

Recently, Jim’s work was held on display at the Bangor Public Library. This is what he had to say about it:

“My name is Jim Lagasse and I paint in my spare time. For the most part, I am self-taught. I did take an art class in college, but the professor was not a fan of my work. I just couldn’t get the concept of abstract the way she did.

I am a route salesman for a company in Bangor. Every day the scenery and the people change with my job, and it’s easy for me to find inspiration to paint. I am lucky to have a panel of art critics at my house, but my three-year old says he likes everything. Maybe he’s not the best person to ask.

I enjoy working with oils the most because they are the most forgiving, but mostly I spend much of my time experimenting and learning new techniques. I started working with watercolors last year and I am excited that there is a whole new world of painting with this medium.

Come in and see Jim’s ever evolving body of work … all ready and willing to be enjoyed on your own walls. And if coming into the shop is not an option, feel free to check out his Etsy shop by clicking HERE.


PS. Jim is able to offer his work to us at lower price points than in his Etsy shop — so come on in for a great deal!

Jodi Renshaw

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