An LL Bean Christmas.

We Mainers love our LL Bean. And the flagship store in Freeport? Well, it is totally awesome! I can’t believe it has taken me 15+ years to visit it. This series of shops (a village really) is open 24-7 … year round. And on a recent trip back from Nashua, NH to Bangor, ME … the kids and I took a break from the highway and shopped at LL for the first time. Good stuff …

There is a trout pond with live fish!

Stuffed majestic animals everywhere. Museum quality and very educational.

An aquarium where kiddos can get an inside peek of what it looks like to live underwater …

And Isaac FINALLY got to see what a Grizzly Bear looks like (he has been SO curious about them for a year now) …

He was mesmerized and quite impressed.

And you could literally hang out here all day. There are two cafes for all your stomach needs … as well as this (above) “family room” for relaxing, game playing and reading by the fire.

Or one could hang out and read with LL Bear …

When we were done shopping (for Uncle Jamie, Daddy and Uncle John) … we were treated to an unexpected and totally “Maine Christmas” treat … a horse-drawn carriage ride through some of downtown Freeport … courtesy of LL Bean.

What a great impromptu evening of shopping, learning and enjoying the spirit of Christmas. I highly recommend a stop to downtown Freeport, Maine … and especially to the LL Bean Flagship store. And if you head another 1.5 hours up Route 95 … you can pay us a visit as well 🙂

Oooohhh … and LL Bean gives free concerts in the summers … so plan accordingly.

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