Monthly Archives: December 2010

Star Wars, Legos, and Miss Lyra.

Isaac hates Star Wars. So he says. And only because Mama loves it. I have now learned that I should not tell my kid what Mama loves — as he will only “hate” it in order to be different from me. He “hates” Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings — and all the […]

First Snow Storm of the Season.

Snow has been a bit problematic for me for the past four years — ever since I experienced a somewhat traumatic event that took place during a Nor’easter in late 2006. Slowly but surely I am learning to make peace with snow … and to even appreciate it again as I did when I was […]

An LL Bean Christmas.

We Mainers love our LL Bean. And the flagship store in Freeport? Well, it is totally awesome! I can’t believe it has taken me 15+ years to visit it. This series of shops (a village really) is open 24-7 … year round. And on a recent trip back from Nashua, NH to Bangor, ME … […]

Dear Brian,

Dear Brian, This picture is how I will always remember you … always staring into the eyes of your children … always holding one of your babes in your arms … always a Daddy. I, however, am really pissed that this is how I have to”remember” you. You were way, way too young to leave […]