Our Champion.

Meaghan quit cross-country last year. She certainly had reason to … but she hated that she never completed the season. The thing is, she doesn’t even really like cross-country. But, she is not a quitter. So, in her stubborn determination, she signed up for cross-country again this year … and by golly … she completed the season!

But Meg didn’t just complete the season … she rocked it. She made nearly every practice. She mentored some of the younger runners. She enthusiastically participated and helped to encourage team spirit and pride. She devoted herself to it. And her efforts paid off big.

This season, Meg received a ribbon at every meet except the one she got sick at (and she even ran while sick!). Gotta love that stubborn determination.

And – for her final championship race – she not only “placed” (as they call it) but she ran her best time ever!!! And her team went on to win the Championship for our region!!!

This girl has sure been through many personal trials in the past couple years. But she is a fighter. And this cross-country season has shown me that she has more inner determination than I may have given her credit for. We bought her the shoes and gave her the rides she needed … but she did the rest. We are so very proud of her.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have been encouraging her to be her best self. Your messages are getting through … loud and clear.

Now maybe Meg can encourage me to join that dodge ball team I have been SO wanting to join. (It’s for real! And they play other area dodge ball teams. How cool is that?)


PS. Love you Meg.

Jodi Renshaw

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