Disney 2010: Day 2: Epcot Character Spot

Want to see all the ‘primary’ Disney characters in one swoop? You can! At Disney’s Epcot … almost as soon as you walk throught the gates. And the line is no where near as long as the lines at the Magic Kingdom.

It was nice to make this a Day 2 event … to sort of get the character-hunting over with at the beginning of the vacation.

And, of course, the kiddos brought their Mommy-made Autograph Books! (shameless plug)

First stop: Mickey!

And then, Isaac’s fave … Pluto:

Next, we completely skipped the line for Minnie (neither kids were interested – sorry Miss Minnie) … and we headed for Goofy … another favorite …

Donald, oh Donald … you are a short-tempered bird with a Napolean complex … but we love you too …

And Isaac was determined to show you his “dance” skills …

Good times. Thank you, Epcot, for making our friends available for picture taking and autographs. Easy, fun and a great start to the week. Highly recommended.


Jodi Renshaw

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