Disney 2010: Day 1: 1900 Park Fare.

Firstly, a HUGE “Thank You” to all the wonderful people who supported our family vacation to Disney World. Thanks to those who supported our fundraisers, who watched our pets while we were away, who represented my work at the local art fair that I missed, who gave special support to Meaghan so that she could join us, etc. etc. We are so grateful for you all.

Secondly, we had a GREAT time. Perhaps even too much of a great time as we are absolutely exhausted now! But we have taken the time to rest for a day … and now it is time to share some pictures 🙂

We arrived at Disney World on the eve September 5th … just in time to take the monorail to our dinner reservations at 1900 Park Fare in Disney’s Grand Floridian. This is where Cinderella, her Prince, and Cinderella’s step-family drop in to dance and dine with guests.

It was a lovely way to begin our vacation … surrounded by fairy-tale characters brought-to-life. Though we were absolutely exhausted from our flights and lay-overs, these characters gave us quite an introduction to what our week at Disney would be like … full of fun, whimsy, magic, and fairy tales.

Princess Cinderella and all her family members went from table-to-table … engaging all their guests with one-on-one conversations and photo opportunities. It took Isaac a bit of coaxing to be receptive to all this attention even though he loves Cinderella dearly.

It took Daddy no time at all …

My favorite characters were Anastasia and Drizella. They played their parts very well … and though Cinderella was the epitome of grace … these two girls were silly, jealous, and mildly wicked. I loved them.

Anastasia was Meg’s favorite …

Drisella was my fave … but I think Isaac was a bit afraid or unimpressed by her … either way, I love this pic …

Now Lady Tremaine … she was quite stately and reserved. I didn’t see any outward signs of wickedness. Perhaps she is now content to live the high life … even if it is due to Cinderella’s marriage to the Prince … and not to one of her daughters. Isaac wanted nothing to do with her. He is quite unforgiving that way. Meg, however, found her interesting …

Our visit at 1900 Park Fare was fun, energetic, and a bit magical. We danced, we sang, we ate, we schmoozed with fairy tale characters. All good stuff. I even began to believe that I was truly IN the story itself. And THAT is the magic of Disney.

More stories to tell & pictures to share throughout the week.

Love to all,
Jodi & Family
Jodi Renshaw

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