New Friends that Feel Like They Have Always Been in Our Hearts.

So, a little while back I hosted an Annual Pet Portrait Fundraiser Contest to benefit the Humane Society. It was a wonderful success for both my studio and for the Bangor Animal Shelter. Money was raised, animals were helped, people were proud of their award winning pets … etc. All good stuff to be sure. BUT, what I didn’t expect … and am forever grateful for … is the number of amazing people I met while organizing the event and while photographing peoples’ pets … and how many lifelong friends I believe I am now blessed with because of those efforts.

Topping the list of amazing new friends are Robin & John Kingsbury (Miss Robin is pictured below with my kiddos). You may remember seeing their dog Sir PAL (Piss-A-Lot) on my Flickr page. I love these people. Truly. Already. And hopelessly. And they are just as in love with us. How cool is that?

They invited us to their family camp for the 4th of July … and it was as if I had always been there … like I grew up knowing the place. Their extended family is so much fun. So loving, welcoming and talented. Robin’s Aunt is an incredible artist who has the nerve to suggest that she “is just a nobody”. Excuse me?! Well, no one is a “nobody” and I can’t think of one other person I know who shares her artistic talent! But that’s a Mainer for you … hardworking, talented people who are more modest than they should be. Anyway, I love her already too. And her husband, Skip … seen here being goofy 🙂

The kids had such a great time too! Isaac could barely stay out of the water … and I caught Meaghan GENUINELY smiling on at least two occassions! And if that weren’t enough … my usually quiet and conservative husband talked up a storm and actually drank 4 beers. I have never seen the man drink more than 1 since he was in high school. So he was quite comfortable.

And it is so easy to be comfortable with these great folks. I love them, love them, love them. Good, good stuff.

And here’s the thing … the world is AWESOME. And I have learned that when I open myself up to the Universe … am content with myself … and approach people in an authentic and loving way … that I found the most AMAZING people to share my life journey with. I can name at least a dozen people that I can call my friends now … whom I have only known for 2-3 months … and with whom I have the best times with. No expectations, just enjoying eachother … endlessly. And I am so happy with it all. (I only hope that I give them all something in return as well 😉

I distinctively remember putting it out to the Universe that I wanted to meet and fall in love with some new friends … as I was feeling a bit empty from some shallow and sometimes harmful friendships of the past … and the Universe responded … bountifully! What a lesson for my kids too — become your best self — love with wild abandon — put all your desires out to the Universe (God/Source/etc) — then reap the rewards of your love and trust.

Thank you Source! And thank you to all my rock-awesome friends. As Robin said, “There are no coincidences” … and I am forever thankful that she and I crossed paths at the exact moment in our lives when we were meant to.

Love you all. You know who you are. If you don’t — then I need to remind you how much I love you! Thanks for all the lovin’ in return. That is why we are here on earth — for no other reason than to love one another as best we can.

Rock out the love …
Jodi & family

For more pics of our fun day on the lake … see here:

Jodi Renshaw

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