Monthly Archives: July 2010

Winston to Lyra.

I am not a cat person. There, I said it. I have not mentioned that fact on this blog to date as I was afraid of the backlash from all of you cat lovers. But for several years now I have avoided cats at all costs. I have enjoyed cats in the past, but after […]

Chicky See, Chicky Do.

Yes, the little chicky made it through the door … following after Mom on Day 2 of life. Those little wings somehow got him/her over the wooden obstacle. So cool, really. They walk within about 2 hours of hatching … and immediately start mimicking Mom. I just love to watch them. They are fast as […]

Peep. x8

My goodness … July seems to be the month of “new life” around this farm. Yes, usually one would think that spring season is when farm babies are born. But something wonky has happened around here. Seems that Mr. Rooster and all his hens got a bit randy and broody this past June. Check out […]