Cleaning Out the iPhone Files.

Wow. So, I cleaned out my iPhone … purging it of all the pictures and videos I have been storing on it for the past year … and my goodness … there are loads of little snippets of our lives … that I might have otherwise forgotten about if it weren’t for my trusty little pocket phone/camera/video devise.

Here are several “windows” into our lives … in no particular order … all with a bit of commentary. I hope you enjoy …

This is our humble home. Behind my parents’ house. Not much — but just enough.

Meaghan is forever stealing away my iPhone to take pics of herself. And wouldn’t you if you were this gorgeous?

Isaac … at a local thrift shop … saying, “Mom, look, don’t you think we should buy this for Daddy?” Ummmm … no way son.

My girlfriend, LyAnn and I get massages at the Bangor Mall. Looks like the woman is about to slap LyAnn’s butt. Love it.

Isaac enjoying the local park. He gets SO giddy playing at any of our umpteen parks here in Bangor. (Have I mentioned before how much I love Bangor?).
Borders rocks. And here Isaac and I are … pouring over the Marvel Encyclopedia. And although we own it … we always seem to peruse it at Borders too. It is a tradition I guess.

My buddy Andy …. bringing my new vintage — TOTALLY AWESOME — bike to the studio so that I can place it in the window display before we get together to paint it and make it even AWESOME-R.

Ooohh … here is a humble pic of the place in which Isaac and I had our first movie audition. I wanted to remember it (as though I could ever forget).

Meaghan bottle feeding You. Yes, You.

Yummmmm….. the BEST Mexican food in Maine …. at Miguel’s. I am drooling now.
Ok … this donut is Ridonculous!!! It is a triple chocolate donut from Dunkins. They only make them for certain promotion periods. Damn good thing … or Isaac would be toothless. Can you even imagine the sugar content???

Meaghan captures a moment of love between Daddy and I. At least I assume I was reaching over to rub his hair or something!?

Isaac makes friends everywhere he goes … especially blondes. Meaghan graciously offers to push the swing for them.

Reading at the Borders Cafe. Again.

New Friends. Are. So. Awesome.

Playing the drums at Best Buy. Another place we go just to hang out and try new gadgets.

I want to make this. Soon.

A gift from Uncle Jamie. By mail. Bought at a Nashua thrift store. He smashes, lights up, and speaks. Can you say “Uncle of the Year”?

A terrible picture of the voting process at my Studio … for the Pet Portrait Contest. Just a handful of contestants shown. I have no idea why I didn’t photograph this whole event better.

This lady is a HOOT! At the Winterport Boot Christmas party … she started a food fight. I love her.

So, Miguel’s may have the best Mexican food around … but Isaac brings his own Burger King Macaroni & Cheese … as he loathes Mexican food.

When we met R2-D2.

A trip to Burger King … because they were including Iron Man toys in their kids’ meals. And how can we resist Iron Man? Truly, we cannot.

More new friends … we met at the park and exchanged phone numbers. Again … have I mentioned how much I love Bangor!?

One of our local Starbucks has an artist in their employ … and Isaac is VERY fond of his work 🙂

So … there you are … a few snippets from our life. Times when I did not have my “real” camera … but was happy to use my iPhone to capture a moment in time that might otherwise be forgotten.

The videos I cleared off the phone are fun too … and perhaps I will post those soon as well. I hope you all have a great day … and that you capture a few memories as well.



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