Monthly Archives: June 2010

Cleaning Out the iPhone Files.

Wow. So, I cleaned out my iPhone … purging it of all the pictures and videos I have been storing on it for the past year … and my goodness … there are loads of little snippets of our lives … that I might have otherwise forgotten about if it weren’t for my trusty little […]

Lovely Characters in My City.

At this past Friday’s Downtown Bangor ArtWalk, my studio gave away free portraits to anyone who walked in to check out our business. Here are some of the great people from my city … and even a sweet puppy … Truth be told, the woman in the red dress did not come into the studio […]

Moose at the Camp. For Sure.

We have always assumed that there are moose on the 100+ acres that Halis shares with his brothers. But aside from moose droppings and moose tracks … we had yet to officially spot them around the camp. That is, until Halis and his Brother invested in a wildlife cam. So, here they are: Time for […]

Meaghan Leaves for Canada. (sigh).

Sunday morning at 5am … Isaac and I took our Meggie May to the airport to see her off as she left for a 10-day Tim Horton’s Leadership Camp in Toronto, Canada. Halis offered to take her … knowing how hard it is for me to say goodbye to anyone, let alone one of my […]

Join Us for the 18th Downtown Bangor ArtWalk!

For this artwalk, Studio 36 is trying something a bit different. We are offering everyone who enters our studio a free portrait — on the spot. How fun is that!? So, check out the info contained below — and drop by the studio tomorrow night between 5-9pm. See you then! ENJOY! Love,Jodi

Virtual Yard Sale: Day 4. For Sure.

Sorry about skipping out on you all last night. (sigh). Busy juggling “life” … as I am sure you all are. But here we are … Day 4 of our online sale to raise funds for our efforts to get to Disney World this year. I hope you find something you can’t live without 🙂 […]

Day Four ???

If I were more organized, I would rule the world. Seriously. I think I could … if only I could get all my thoughts placed in their correct files within the chaos that is my brain. I plan on proceeding with day four (and now day five) of our Virtual Yard Sale as soon as […]

Virtual Yard Sale: Day 3.

By now perhaps you have read that the kids and we (Halis and I) are doing our best to get to Disney World this year. Well, today is Day 3 of a week long yard sale that we are hosting on this blog … and we thank you for taking a look. Today is Mommy’s […]

Virtual Yard Sale: Day Two.

Hey loves. Thank you all for your purchases thus far. Here are today’s offerings for our online yard sale: ITEM #1b:Lord of the Rings Trilogy paperback book set & handmade pinback button set. Still in shrink wrap. Retail: $29.96 & $5 (respectively). Our bargain price: $15. Shipping: $3. ITEM #2b:One yard of silk screened Alien […]