Studio 36’s Pet Portrait Contest Winners!

So, let me start off by saying that EVERYONE was a winner in Studio 36’s First Annual Pet Portrait Contest. The pets involved were an absolute treat to work with. The pet owners were amazing, loving, and fun. The voters (which included many of the pet owners) were incredibly generous. And because of all involved, the Bangor Humane Society is the biggest winner of all … as together we raised $1,602.88 for animal care at the shelter. Okay, so maybe that means the animals at the shelter are the biggest winners of all! Hooray!

Now for the winners …

The picture that got the most “votes” was the winner. And “votes” were $.25 each … so, essentially, the portrait that garnered the most donations was the winner.

This year’s winner did his best to raise as much money for his portrait as possible. You may recognize him as a long-time employee of Mardens in Brewer …

First place goes to Dana and his dog, Niko:

Niko was an absolute treat to work with. And because they won first place, I will be working with them again during another photo shoot 🙂 They will also receive a spot in the local paper. So shine on you two … you are soon to be famous!

Now, the winner of second place was totally shooting for coming in second, as she wanted to win the $75 gift certificate to Pet Quarters so that she could donate it back to the Bangor Humane Society. Great, huh!?

Congrats to Donna and her Labs, Mason and Ella:

These two were also such a pleasure to work with. And Donna is an amazing woman who does so much for animal welfare. She is incredibly generous and I am glad to know her.

In third place, we have an awesome little man, Osiris the Cockatoo:

I LOVE this bird. And even more so, I adore his owner, Gidget. Turns out that we went to school together back in 1989 in Hudson, NH … but never officially met till now. She has had Osiris since he was a baby bird with no feathers … and they are an absolute riot together. So glad they won third place, as now Gidget will receive an artist’s rendering of her beloved bird.

I wish we had prizes for all 24 entrants. Maybe next year! I so look forward to doing this again next year. It was a wonderful treat to be able to play with so many sweet pets … and to meet so many incredible people. THANK YOU ALL!

To see pictures of all those who participated in this event, please feel free to check out my Flickr site. Enjoy.

If interested in your own pet portrait session, please call us at 385-3940.
~ Jodi
Jodi Renshaw

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