Love on the Rocks.

Isaac has this incredible ability to find love everywhere he goes (I think he gets it from his Mama). He loves to strike up conversations with new people … especially pretty young girls … and often hugs them … stares into their eyes … and professes his unwavering love. And he means it. Truly he does. He loves SO BIG … and SO OFTEN … and he never forgets a love.

Sadly, his emotional connection to other young people is not often reciprocated. However, on a recent trip to one of our favorite beach-combing spots, Isaac met his match. He found a young girl who falls in love as easily (and as hard) as he does. Within 10 minutes, she was introducing Isaac to her other friends as her “new best friend”. Meanwhile, Isaac was telling us that he just met his “new wife”. Ahhh … young love.

They had a such a great time together. Both families did. Meaghan was quite taken with Isaac’s new wife’s little sister. And young friends who came to join the little girls also joined in the fun.

Come to find out, our new “daughter-in-law’s” family owns the Three Tides in Belfast, Maine. Another young family … working hard to create their own family business while also doing their best by their children … I can SO appreciate that. (And if you can too — go check them out some night!)

Anyway, these two lovebirds were quite a pair … searching for goodies together … playing games … sharing stories … professing their love. It was wonderful to watch. I think Halis and I were beaming the entire time. So rare has it been to find another child as sincerely loving and sensitive as he. But, for whatever reason, we did not exchange names and numbers! I am sending this family a link to this post (and to the rest of the pictures) … in hopes that we can get together again sometime. We ADORE Belfast (Maine) and will be back soon.

Hopefully, these two can walk hand-in-hand again …

May we all learn from these sweethearts … Love BIG, Love OFTEN, and Love without Question. (I think I will start within my home).

Love to you all,

Jodi Renshaw

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