Farm Updates.

Blossoms everywhere! Gosh I love spring … and this spring in Maine has been wonderful. So early … so warm … and so much sunshine. Good stuff.

I recently found this colossal (yes, I think it is safe to use that adjective here without exaggeration) apple tree on our property. It must be 30+ years old, though I have no idea how to tell these things. I have read that we will need to significantly trim this tree up in order to get it to bear a good quantity and quality of edible fruit. So, we are currently in the process of learning about this. Anyone care to offer some tips?

I also just discovered that we have a broody hen sitting on about 8 eggs right now. I was so hoping that one of the girls would try to hatch out a clutch this year … and I got my wish. The expectant Mom is our only Rhode Island Red. I am a bit surprised, as they tend not to be broody at all … but she has been sitting on the eggs for at least 3 days, so we shall find out in less than 3 weeks whether any of them are fertile. Very exciting! (My fave chicken, Teeko the Red-Sex Link, is shown above).

As for Emily and Me, well … they are not so in love with me these days. They seem to blame me for inviting 2 more goats to our farm. They used to nuzzle me and play with me. Now, they just stare.

Good news is that I believe Me went into her first “heat” … so will be searching for a buck to invite over asap. I have a new connection and am looking forward to getting these 2 ladies “in the family way” when the timing is right.

The kids, You and Sweetie, are doing very well. Sadly, the kid that we purchased at the same time as You … the one we named Mini-Me … died about 28 hours after we purchased her. It was horrible. We called in a wonderful local vet and tried everything we could to heal her … but she had no fight in her and passed away in my arms. A few days later we picked up Sweetie … as our “replacement” for the deceased kid. She is an absolute treat. I think she is going to be our most friendly goat. She loves, loves, loves people.

You (pictured above) is also very sweet, but has an independent streak that tells me she may try to gain some dominance over Emily and Me as soon as she is physically able. Right now, she enjoys racing Isaac to the barn … and watching it is a hoot!

The kids are down to 2 bottle feedings a day, and are currently eating greenery, so their timeline is healthy … and I look forward to less feedings so that we can take some day long trips around Maine.

Halis has finished turning over the food garden plot. (Chase helped). We are almost to the point of planting some tomatoes and peppers in there. Just a bit skittish that we will see another frost. But I am thinking we will plant this week. Have any of you planted yet?

Today we will finish painting the goat barn … and readying it for an extension to effectively house the new kids.

So – what is happening on your little piece of earth?


Jodi Renshaw

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