Monthly Archives: May 2010

Studio 36’s Pet Portrait Contest Winners!

So, let me start off by saying that EVERYONE was a winner in Studio 36’s First Annual Pet Portrait Contest. The pets involved were an absolute treat to work with. The pet owners were amazing, loving, and fun. The voters (which included many of the pet owners) were incredibly generous. And because of all involved, […]

Love on the Rocks.

Isaac has this incredible ability to find love everywhere he goes (I think he gets it from his Mama). He loves to strike up conversations with new people … especially pretty young girls … and often hugs them … stares into their eyes … and professes his unwavering love. And he means it. Truly he […]

New Garden Buddy.

So, here is our new garden buddy … discovered by Isaac … and ‘man-handled’ by me whenever I get the chance … Even though I do get a bit jumpy when I watch a snake slither though the grass (is that a natural human instinct?) … I still love the thrill of the chase … […]

Brilliant! Celebrity Autobiography.

This may be the coolest comedy concept I have ever known … check it out … And here is a taste of the magic … And when the kids aren’t around, you may want to check this out. Absolutely hilarious. ENJOY! Love,Jodi P.S. Apparently Nightline did a segment on this … P.P.S. Apparently, […]

The Studio – In Pictures.

For those of you who read this blog … but are not from my area … and have wondered about the Studio that I refer to … here are some random shots of the photography studio that I created in downtown Bangor: It is humble, homey, and I love it. Please feel free to drop […]

Farm Updates.

Blossoms everywhere! Gosh I love spring … and this spring in Maine has been wonderful. So early … so warm … and so much sunshine. Good stuff. I recently found this colossal (yes, I think it is safe to use that adjective here without exaggeration) apple tree on our property. It must be 30+ years […]

Happy Mother’s Day.

My annual Mother’s Day ritual has been to read and listen to the poem: The Lanyard by Billy Collins. Here it is … on YouTube: Enjoy! Happy Mother’s Day to all those women who do their absolute best by their children every day … to all those who wake up every morning and begin their […]