A Pet for Meg.

For those who do not know, our sweet Meaghan has moved in with us permanently. We are overjoyed by this, but sad at what Meaghan has had to go through to get to this point. With the exception of 1 day, she has now been with us for over a week … and we are all adjusting to our new way of life.

As a young girl and teen, I always had a pet that I could turn to in times of need. A pet I could cuddle, cry on, go home to, take care of, etc. I – and other Moms I have spoke to – believe that this is such an important thing for teenage girls … especially those who have experienced trauma. So, I have made it my mission to help Meg to find the perfect pet for her.

We have spent the last couple of afternoons checking out the Bangor Humane Society, local pet shops, and our Blue Seal … as well as comb through the Uncle Henry’s Guide. She was leaning toward a cat … and then a Guinea Pig, but has now settled on a Holland Lop bunny.

Aren’t they so darn cute !!?? And they actually STAY this cute. I think I am falling in love with this idea. Imagine the photo shoots I could get out of a sweet bunny 🙂

Halis told Meaghan that she has one month to prove to him that she can care for a bunny in her room … by making sure that her room is clean and that she keeps up with all of her personal responsibilities. I am SO rooting for her … as I would love to see her add a cuddly bunny to her life. I think it will be so good for her to have something ALL HERS that she can love and care for.

So — come on Meg — you can do it! I so want to see you and your new bunny snuggling together — and to sneak my own cuddle time in now and again 🙂

Soon Meg and I may be as bunny crazed as these two:

I can even imagine seeing this sort of thing going on in our house:

Then Maybe Meg and I could make ridiculously stupid videos such as these:


I so look forward to this 🙂


Jodi Renshaw

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