Monthly Archives: April 2010

How to Say Dog in French.

A conversation between Isaac and his Bobo (grandmother): Isaac (in all seriousness): Bobo, I know how to say dog in French. Do you want to hear it? Bobo: Sure. How do you say dog in French? Isaac: Poodle! (Bobo then laughs so hard she could wet herself.) Isaac: What!? That is how you say dog […]

April 14th.

21 years ago now. My first date with Halis was April 14th, 1989. We went on a double-date to an arcade. I went on a dare. I couldn’t stand Halis. But that night, he kissed me goodnight … and I felt something … I felt connected. And here we are … all these years later […]

You. The Goat.

You is such a little sweetie. Yes, her name is You. Aren’t we ridiculous? Since we have a goat named “Me”, it seemed all too right to name one “You” … so I could call them into the barn by yelling, “Hey You, Me & Emily!” Sadly, we did have another little sweetie named “Mini-Me” […]

A Pet for Meg.

For those who do not know, our sweet Meaghan has moved in with us permanently. We are overjoyed by this, but sad at what Meaghan has had to go through to get to this point. With the exception of 1 day, she has now been with us for over a week … and we are […]

Poor Truck.

Poor Truck. Halis and Meaghan were at the Hampden Rifle Club … installing some plumbing after shooting off a few rounds … when all of a sudden, Meaghan spotted that the truck was aflame. They called the authorities … but their was no rescuing the truck. Thank God they weren’t in it when the fire […]

Getting Serious About the Farm.

Moving to the “city” has been wonderful! I am only sorry that I didn’t move to Bangor sooner. I love the parks, the pools, the restaurants, the museums, the people, the shopping, the fact that I am within a 10 mile radius of anything I need or want (including an amazing hospital – something we […]

Happy Easter!

Nikon D300: $1,500.00 Nikon 50mm Lens: $130.00 Box of Little Chicks: $2.99 ——————————– Time Spent Photographing My “Peeps” Photographing One Another: PRICELESS. We hope you enjoy your peeps too! Happy Easter. And Happy Spring. Love, Jodi, Halis & Isaac