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Haiti is the birthplace of my son. It is where his bio family resides. It is also where Halis and I left pieces of our heart just a few years ago. Perhaps it was a trade off, as we brought some of Haiti home with us as well (both plainly and metaphorically speaking) … and […]

My First Snowman : REVISITED.

OK … a blog reader actually remembered my first snowman … from over 2 years ago … and thought it might be a fun idea to revisit my regrettable attempt at being a really cool Mama. So here goes … please enjoy (at my expense) this blast from the past (Dec. 1997) … MY FIRST […]

I Like You: Chocolate Chip “Somethings”.

Well, Amy calls this recipe, “Chocolate Chip Cookies“. And they should have become that… if I hadn’t have skipped out on a very important step. See, I had all the ingredients. Even organic sugar, organic vanilla, Maine-made butter, and eggs that came straight from our backyard hens. (See the rich orange yolk? That is one […]

End of Sale – Tomorrow!

Ok, I never announced the sale here to begin with. Sorry. I announced it on Twitter instead. But now I am here to tell you that it ends tomorrow night at midnight. All my journals, pins, magnets and handsewn goodies have been reduced by $1-$5 each. Sort of an end-of-the-year sale. It is not too […]

I Like You. 2010.

Ok, so I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions … but this year, I was totally open to doing a New Year’s Project. At first I thought I would do some sort of a photography project … then I realized that that is basically what I do for a living now (see this) … so I […]