Monthly Archives: November 2009

So, This is Christmas?

Every year, millions of Americans flock to the After Thanksgiving sales at box stores around the country. I am usually not among them. Mostly because I don’t engage in over-indulging my child, my nieces, and my nephews with low-quality, Made in China, sweatshop produced goods that will be out of vogue just weeks after they […]

Designing Fabrics With Spoonflower.

Prior to my recent adventure in photography studio proprietorship, I took some time to make some of my own fabric designs with the help of Spoonflower. It was a bit addictive … and I chewed many fingernails while waiting for my fabric package to arrive. It finally arrived this week, and I couldn’t be happier! […]

The Studio Has a Name.

Thanks to my BFF for this logo design. We are still working on the final design … and will show it soon. For now, I am up to my eyeballs with studio preperations, furniture, lighting, etc. Will post again soon. Thank you to everyone who has sent their encouragements. You all rock! Love,Jodi

The Studio.

Have you heard — through my Twitter or Facebook — that I am leasing an incredible property in downtown Bangor to begin my own photography studio? I am both elated and sick to my stomach. This is the big time. I had only put my want for a studio space out into the Universe on […]

Promoting Maine.

A representative of the Maine Office of Tourism recently wrote me — asking if they could obtain rights to use one of my photos (shown below). I agreed to allow them, signed a small contract, and am now looking forward to seeing how they make use of it. It is not the first time that […]