Monthly Archives: October 2009

One of My Fave Things to Play.

Potato Heads! Looking forward to buying our heads some more accessories in Disney World (just 4 months away). Got Potato Heads? Love,JodiP.S. Okay … I realize these are likely Made in China. All heads (and some accesories) were purchased used … but I am guilty of buying many accessories new at Disney World — at […]

Etsy Love … My Holiday Purchases Thus Far …

Wanna save your economy? Wanna be more eco-friendly? Wanna help your neighbor stay home and raise her child? Wanna keep jobs in America (or Canada for my Canadian friends)? Want to give gifts that will be appreciated for longer than a week? Well … I have got the answer for you! ETSY. period. And here […]

Happy Monday (Evening).

Hi all. Thank you so much for the lovely Birthday wishes and comments this week. You guys rock. It was a great week, but ended with a creepy-crud type virus spreading through our house. We are all on the mend now though 🙂 As for the winner of my Birthday giveaway … it is “Sarah” […]

For Halis. And You.

Dave Matthews is constantly writing up songs that speak to me or for me. I even told him so once. I met him. I chatted with him and even shared some coffee. Its true. I wish I could say that we are friends … but that chat was our sole connection. At least so far […]

Role Modeling is Never Easy.

I do not have “good teeth”. My parents never thought that taking care of teeth was important. Heck, they never thought taking care of our bodies was important either. I grew up on Hostess snack foods for breakfast and lunchboxes full of Oreo cookies (and other equally horrible but delicious snacks that my classmates would […]

A Surprise Birthday Treat.

Among my top ten favorite joys in the world is a visit with my Brother. And for my Birthday this year (which isn’t until Wednesday the 14th), my Brother surprised me with a visit this past weekend. It was very nice, low-key, with perfect weather and a lovely meal at the Sea Dog. But as […]