Fabric Shopping. So Not Necessary.

So, I am getting rid of almost every stitch of fabric that I have been hoarding for years, maybe even decades, in order to get ready for some serious home reconstruction (more about that to come later). I just have such a “thing” for both fabric and books. I am allowing myself to keep ONE bookshelf of fabric and ONE bookshelf of books. Period. And if you don’t believe me, just check my Ebay items for sale and my Bookmooch account. (If you read this too late, then you may find all my goodies gone – but that doesn’t mean I am lying – check the stats!).

With all this fabric purging going on, you would think that I would steer clear of any fabric shops. But alas, no. I am a sucker for surplus high-end fabrics at Mardens. I do an excellent job of not buying fabric anywhere else … but when I can find some Michael Miller goodness for just $2.99 a yard … I go weak in the knees. And Mardens does that to me without fail.

To be fair, I only bought a tiny bit of fabric this visit (and it has been nearly a year since my last visit to their local shop). I purchased just 1/4 yard of each of 6 fabrics that I thought would be cute to add to current projects.

Isaac is the one who picked out the Scooby Doo – just so you know. The alphabet fabric is just so sweet for adding to a pillow I have in mind. The half-eaten, screaming gingerbread men are just sick and crazy enough to be way cool in our house. Elvis – well – he is dreamy – and I have an idea in mind for him too. The mushrooms go great with some woodland fabric I have been meaning to turn into some bags. And the knitting skeleton … well, that is just another one of those really sick – but tres cool – fabrics that speak to me. I think it will make its appearance on some bags I will soon be making for my Etsy shop.

Anyway, I certainly did not need to fabric shop this weekend. (I didn’t need to eat that monster-sized whoopie pie either – but it sure felt good). Sometimes you just have to give in to your addictions just a little bit once in a while instead of giving in to them a lot a bit during a massive shopping (or eating) binge. If a person goes without entirely, they might go crazy, right? I don’t want crazy. I just want a wee bit more fabric to love and transform.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I’ll chat with you some more tomorrow 🙂
Jodi Renshaw

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