Monthly Archives: September 2009

Motherhood … Part 1 of ___.

I recently learned about a Mom who paid for her daughter’s years and years of ice skating lessons by collecting 5 cent can/bottle deposits in her spare time. She scouted parks, dumpsters, etc. in order to gather up the funds she would need to help her daughter make it to the Olympics – her daughter’s […]


There is so much I want to say about GABE …. his amazing family …. his incredible personality … his appreciation for life, love, and friends … his debilitating bike accident … his painstaking but valiant physical recovery efforts … and the support that so many people have shown for him because he is one […]

I <3 the Weekend!

I loved this weekend. Mostly because my house was filled with kids. And my husband (who was recently in California for longer than either one of us liked). First, I took the plunge on Friday and bought myself an IPhone. Let me start out by saying that I have not owned a cell phone in […]

Fabric Shopping. So Not Necessary.

So, I am getting rid of almost every stitch of fabric that I have been hoarding for years, maybe even decades, in order to get ready for some serious home reconstruction (more about that to come later). I just have such a “thing” for both fabric and books. I am allowing myself to keep ONE […]

Bangor Car Show 2009.

I am having a blast of a time hanging out with my neice and nephew tonight … (and Isaac of course). We all went to the Bangor Car Show today and I took many many pics of vehicles … most of which whose names I have no idea of. But the above photo is my […]