Monthly Archives: August 2009

Meeting a Blog Reader!

I met my very first non-personal-friend-or-family-member blog reader at the Bangor Fair last week. It was so great and so very surreal. Until then I had always wondered if I would one day run into someone who might recognize Isaac, Halis or I (assuming that it was highly unlikely). As the three of us got […]

Swimming is Good. Always & Everywhere.

Isaac, Meaghan and I are so totally in love with the water. Halis says that we would all swim in a puddle if it seemed large enough. I know he is right. We stayed at the coast this weekend – Belfast to be exact. The three of us swam in the hotel pool for hours. […]

Eat More

My friend Kenric is a video producer extraordinaire. He produced the following viral video for one of his local Vermont-based businesses. I love it … and I love the product! They (Eat More produce simple – yet very trendy – screen-printed tees using organic cotton and earth-friendly techniques. Enjoy the video (its a hoot […]

This Morning.

I stepped outside at sunrise this morning — for the first time in years (I am not a morning person) — and here is the beauty I encountered: One-Eyed Jack crowed to the morning sunshine. I greeted my sweet goat “Me” — and when I went to feed her — I noticed — — that […]