$1 At a Time … Can Save Lives.

Now is the time when most Americans are rushing around to get their children ready for the new school year. Millions of parents are shopping for the best deals on school supplies, new outfits, lunch boxes, backpacks and other school needs. Some of these back-to-school children are excited while others are dreading their return to the world of homework and tests.

Yet, just a stones throw away … in our neighboring country of Haiti … there are children who want desperately to go to school … but their parents have no means of paying for it … let alone paying for school outfits and supplies.

But the thing is … though it costs nearly an average years salary for Haitian parents to send their children to school (there is no public education there) … it costs US just $250 a year to send one of their children to school. Imagine that! It is so easy for us to help them so that they may grow to help themselves. Haiti is in dire straits right now – there is no doubt of that – but if we give these kids a fighting chance – they can turn things around.


If every person who reads this blog … and who is on my Facebook and Twitter friend lists … just sends me a check for $1-$5 (written out to Haitian Roots and fully tax-deductible) … we can send the following kids to school for the 2009/2010 school year:

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?! We could give these 9 kids (not-yet-sponsored kids that I found on the Haitian Roots website – an organization run by a very dear friend of mine) an opportunity at life.

Last year, our family sponsored two young girls (we plan to do so again this year) … and we received updates on their schooling, including a letter and hand drawn picture by one of the girls. What an amazing feeling it has been to know that a simple donation of $500 – paid directly to the school – has helped to change their lives and the lives of their families.

I encourage you – actually I beg you – to experience that same joy along with us …. and help us to send these kids to school … where they not only will get the education that every child deserves, but they will also be guaranteed a hot meal each day (something they may not receive otherwise).

Please send a check for $1-$5 (made out to HAITIAN ROOTS) to the following address:

Jodi Renshaw

1746 Stillwater Ave.

Bangor, ME 04401

We will send the whole lot of checks to Haitian Roots & will make updates here on our blog as to how many children could be sponsored with your generosity. We will also be sure to update you about the children via Twitter, Facebook and this blog.

For more information on Haitian Roots, please see their website and blog. If you have any questions about how the money is spent, I would be glad to answer them for you.

As many of you know, our son is from Haiti – and this cause is very dear to us. Thank you for your love and generosity.



P.S. If you prefer to donate via Paypal … please use this button:


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