Meeting a Blog Reader!

I met my very first non-personal-friend-or-family-member blog reader at the Bangor Fair last week. It was so great and so very surreal. Until then I had always wondered if I would one day run into someone who might recognize Isaac, Halis or I (assuming that it was highly unlikely).

As the three of us got into line for the Haunted House ride, the woman in front of us asked me if I was the author of the This Handmade Life blog. I was shocked to be asked, but answered with an excited “Yes! Are you a reader?”. She replied that she had found me while googling for something and has followed me a bit ever since. Turns out she is from the Boston area and was visiting the Bangor area with members of her extended family, including her gorgeous nephew who is shown in the above photo. When asked how she recognized us, she said that she saw me with the camera, then saw Isaac and put it all together. I was thrilled.

I know that I have readers out there – as my stats tell em so – but to meet a *real* person who reads some of what I put out into the universe was such a special validation of what I am doing with this blog. I would love to expand on it — and continue to share nuggets of goodness for encouraging others to create their own unique “handmade life”.

So – a big shout out to all my “peeps”. Thanks for reading & sharing. Please let me know what you would like to see more of here.


Jodi Renshaw

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Jodi is a homeschooling Mom, a photographer, a wife, and a proud resident of the city of Bangor. She spends part of her time working at a locally-owned shop in the downtown area, part of her time homeschooling her favorite young man, and most of her time behind a camera lens. She often writes about adoption, family life, homeschooling, and community.