Monthly Archives: August 2009

Monday Updates.

Good day all! Monday seems as good a time as any to update you all on some “bloggy” business. First, I am happy to say that we have raised enough money to send at least 1 Haitian child to school this year. Only 8 more to go (said with a sigh and a half-hearted smile […]

Per A Friend’s Suggestion …

(What is the sound of one goat laughing?) After a day seemingly filled with setbacks and aggravation, a best friend (who had to listen to my griping) suggested that I would do well to remember all of my blessings. She suggested I take the time this evening to write down all the things I am […]

What Happened to Borders Books?

For many years, I worked at Borders Books, Music & Cafe as a Children’s Bookseller and Children’s Event Coordinator. I loved my job. Really loved it. I started working at the store in Bangor before it even opened. I helped stock the selves, merchandise my area, and create fun events for drawing in customers. This […]


I love to share. Apparently my Mom and my kindergarten teacher taught me well. I share books on Paperback Swap and BookMooch. I drop off my previously loved goodies to my local thrift shops. And I share my leftover fabrics with whoever can use them. To my mind, that is how we can create more […]

Backpack Eye Candy for Back-to-School

Shameless Shop Promotion Time! I am having a blast making pinback buttons for my shop. And people are loving them! (See my shop feedback here.) They are so cool as backpack “graffiti” — and I thought that some of you may want to include them on your back-to-school shopping list. I have all sorts of […]

A Little Incentive.

Thank you to those who have pledged their donation to my (our) current Haitian Roots campaign. I am hoping that together – we can sponsor 9 (or more!) Haitian children to attend school this year. As an incentive for your participation, I am offering one of my handmade journals to the first, tenth and twentieth […]

$1 At a Time … Can Save Lives.

Now is the time when most Americans are rushing around to get their children ready for the new school year. Millions of parents are shopping for the best deals on school supplies, new outfits, lunch boxes, backpacks and other school needs. Some of these back-to-school children are excited while others are dreading their return to […]