Monthly Archives: July 2009

If I Had a Genie …

… one of my wishes would be spent on buying this old church in Orono: I have always wanted to live in an old church. Always. I totally envision my bedroom in the upper choir section … looking down on the kitchen/living room/playroom, etc. And the fact that this one is currently for sale, and […]

WebCam & Lightroom.

Beware: The following photo is slightly scary. It depicts a woman who has stayed up WAY past her bedtime … trying to read e-books on how to use her Photoshop Lightroom program. Lots of coffee and brain straining is going on during this attempt at understanding. She would like to think that her webcam (which […]

July 4th 1776 (or thereabouts).

There are many “tall tales” about how America won its independence from Great Britain. Heck, there are millions of tall tales about most of our history. And though there is much false information out there masquerading itself as truth … much of it does have roots in the truth until someone saw fit to blow […]