Monthly Archives: July 2009

Book Love: Jesus Land.

I read the book Jesus Land about three weeks ago now. I was mesmerized by it from the moment I picked it up and never stopped reading it until I had it finished that same day. This book spoke to me in ways I had never imagined. As soon as I put it down, I […]

Hidden Eloise.

Ah. I just had the most delightful buying experience through Etsy. I purchased some gorgeous art postcards (suitable for framing – which I intend to do) from Hide N Seek … the “home” of Hidden Eloise. Little Miss Eloise is a sweet, unconventional girl who loves to spend her time with bears, as well as […]

Feels Like Starting Over.

As I stumble through my current return to manual film photography … I feel humbled. In order to even get a decent exposure you have to really know what you are doing … and to get a great photo, well you have to REALLY know what you are doing. Now I understand why it is […]

Stay Tuned … Please.

I have not posted to this blog since Saturday … and even then I “cheated” by posting a YouTube video … but I do have some great plans for this space, so please stay tuned. There will be giveaways, tutorials, photography tips and other “Handmade Life” goodies. Thanks for reading and sharing. xoxoJodi

Late Night Insight From My 4-Year Old.

Scene: 2am. Mommy trying to fall asleep in bed. Isaac wide awake next to Mommy. Daddy fast asleep next to Isaac. Dog at end of bed, snoring. Dog: (farts) Mommy: Oh man, the dog keeps farting. Isaac: What did you say Mommy? Mommy: Oh, nothing. Isaac: (quiet for some time … obviously thinking … then…) […]

Everything Old is New Again.

I took my first photography class in high school (with some cute guy sitting behind me who went by the name Halis). This was back in 1990 … and I had a Pentax K1000 that my parents bought used from a former semi-professional photographer. And just like when they bought me my first car … […]

This Past Week on the Farm.

* the new chicks grew … (tree) (teeko) * the even newer chicks grew too … * our dog fought with this unexpected visitor and lost … * the goats ate, ate and ate … * Daddy cut some falling trees … * and Mama got to read outside … Not a bad week. Hope […]