Monthly Archives: June 2009

“Have a Look At This Little Beauty…”

Yesterday morning, as I went out to feed the chickens and goats, I found this lovely little snapping turtle laying her eggs in my garden. It was so exciting. I felt like Steve Irwin as I watched her … “Have a look at this little Mum … Isn’t she goooorgeous?”. I watched her lay the […]

Insightful Compassion.

Imagine if we all had a friend like Deepak Chopra. An incredible man. A compassionate, unsettling, but insightful look into his friend Michael Jackson’s life. Thank you for your candidness Deepak … you teach us all just by being your authentic self. ~ Jodi

RIP. I grew up on Michael Jackson — as almost everyone my age did. As a grade schooler, Mom would allow me to fall asleep to my Jackson 5 cassette tape. I would cry to the lyrics of “Ben“. I would groove to the sound of “Dancing Machine” (but not in bed). Then as an […]

The Photography Site.

Just a quick reminder that I have been posting to my photography site: And if you’d like to learn a bit more about this photo: take a peek over there. Enjoy! Love, Jodi

What Daddy Got For Father’s Day:

A trip to Pennsylvania with all his “gun range buddies” … to participate in the match of his dreams: You’re Welcome Daddy. We love you. And are so glad that you enjoyed your weekend. xoxoxoMommy & Isaac

This Handmade Supply.

Time to part with much of the crafting supplies that I have horded through the years … as well as some vintage goodies that I can let go of in the name of making room for more vintage goodies 🙂 So … introducing … This Handmade Supply! new EtsyNameSpace.Mini(7569422, ‘shop’,’gallery’,3,2).renderIframe(); Please check back often for […]

Goat Meets Butterfly.

We are all a bit under the weather around here … but I just had drop in for a moment to post this sweet photo of our goat, “Me” and her curious interlude with a butterfly in our yard: Hope you all have a great Friday … Love,Jodi


I am happy to announce that my shop, This Handmade Life, will be joining the “2nd Annual Etsy Yart Sale”. What is a Yart Sale, you say? A “Yart Sale” is an artistic spin on the traditional Yard Sale: Art + Yard Sale = “Yart Sale”. Throughout the week I will be posting specials and […]