Monthly Archives: May 2009

Tree and Teeko.

Have I told you about Tree and Teeko yet? I think I may not have given them the proper attention that they deserve on this blog. See – chickens used to take up a huge space in my life and heart … but now that the goats are on the scene, well, the chickens just […]

Seeing Green.

Oh … the green all around us these days is absolutely magnificent. So many hues. So rich. Total eye candy. I am loving every minute of the sunshine, the trees, the songbirds, the warm winds … sudoku while lying on a quilt outdoors. I am savoring these pre-summer moments. You know … the moments before […]


Please remember that today is not about hot dogs and pool parties. Today is a sacred day for remembering our dead … especially those who gave their lives for our country. Thank you Pepere. You are my hero … even now that you are gone from this earth … I know you are still protecting […]

I Have Chills. So May You.

This may be the most amazing project I have ever heard of in my life. SO incredibly wonderful – that I just can’t stop smiling. Please check them out at Enjoy every moment. Love, Jodi

Summer is Close at Hand.

I can’t seem to get a handle on this blog, on the laundry, on my life. Days just keep zipping by as we prepare for our summer. The goats need feeding. The baby chicks have arrived. The chickens are laying more eggs than we know what to do with. The garden work keeps mounting. And […]

Something New : For the Shop.

I continue to try to find new and creative ways to sell upcycled products for my etsy shop … and at various craft show venues. Recently, I picked up some vintage POKENO cards at my local thrift store … and decided to turn them into large sketchbooks (or score keepers for avid card players like […]

Flying — Forever.

For some reason – it seems I have taken a brief, unintended vacation from this blog. I am sorry to those of you who have been checking in to see what is happening in our lives … with my Dad, the goats, Isaac’s baseball, etc. I can tell you that all is well. Dad is […]

Serendipity Farm “Photo Shoot”.

This past Saturday, I spent most of the day with my good friend, Tom … photographing horses at a lovely farm in Bangor, Maine: Serendipity Farm. Tom and I are both looking to work on our photography skills … build our portfolios … and just enjoy the company of a fellow photographer. So I made […]