Monthly Archives: April 2009


Today is the end of Day 3 of sitting by my Dad’s bed in ICU/CCU. I wash his face, I help him walk, I move him into more comfortable positions, I make sure the nurses are giving him the the best care, etc. Mom also does all of this and more. Tonight, I am alone […]

Nothing Left to Give : Temporarily

I am feeling totally tapped out right now (thus the above photo). Sure, lots of wonderful things are going on our our lives, in my photography, in my parenting, in my marriage, and in my creativity … BUT all that is taking a backseat (like, a backseat on the back of a very long bus) […]

SOS:KIDS Sending Goodies to Iraq and Afghanistan

I recently found out about a group called “Soldiers’ Angels” through my local Borders Bookstore. They were collecting books to send to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I purchased a book to send to a soldier, but wanted to learn more about the organization so that I might promote it on my new blog “Give […]