Monthly Archives: April 2009

Isaac Begins Baseball.

Yesterday, Halis and I became parents with a child who is enrolled in a sport. You know – the parents that have to get their kid to his practice on time, who watch their child’s every move to be sure that he is safe, the parents who endlessly root for their baby, who eye the […]

Tomorrow : Hope to See You There!

15th Annual HOPE FESTIVAL & GREEN EXPO Saturday, April 25th * 11am – 4pm Free Admission Student Recreation and Fitness Center, University of Maine, Orono ORGANIZATIONAL FAIR WITH OVER 60 NON-PROFIT GROUPS! Learn about Peace, Justice, and Environmental Resources I WILL BE SELLING MY UPCYCLED, HANDMADE WARES AS WELL AS SOME PHOTOGRAPHY HERE AT TABLE […]

10 Things My Goats Have Taught Me So Far.

These young ladies are teaching me so very much lately. Here are a few of the highlights: 1. Anything you continue to feed – over a period of time – will eventually believe that you are its Mama. 2. I pay more attention to the nutritional intake of my goats than I do my own […]


Ready to join me in not only seeing this entire video, but also — banning bottled water from our lives? I think I will carry around my own well water in reusable containers. This issue is HUGE for we Mainers. If you are living in Maine — please look into this situation we are facing […]

So Much Spring …

Ahhh…. spring is everywhere. Birds are grabbing their nesting materials … We have the most adorable spring goats that we are bottle feeding … We have ordered 8 chicks to add to our chicken coop… Hubby is building new outbuildings everywhere to add to our homesteading collection … And the seeds we planted not so […]

New Additions to the Homestead:

We now have 2 one-week old Nubian goats! I apologize for these terrible snapshots, I didn’t have my D300 ready for shooting, but wanted to get pics of their first feedings here at home. Here is my Mom feeding “my” goat: Emily. She is so sweet and follows me all around. Here is “Me” (seriously). […]

My Brother.

Lately, my Brother has been going through something that has really broken his spirits. And it has been killing me. I love that man as though we were attached at the hip – and sometimes feel as though we are twins on opposite sides of every human attribute. There are only the two of us, […]

Still Creating …

In the midst of all our recent struggles within the family … I am still creating. I am still crafting, photographing, book making, etc. I need to. I have to. I would go bonkers otherwise. And frankly, with my husband’s recent job loss, I am trying to pick up the slack as much as possible […]