Monthly Archives: March 2009

Snow Castles.

Me: “Isaac, look, Mama knows how to make snow castles!” Isaac: “Wow Mama, that’s really beautiful.” Isaac: Isaac: “Thanks Mama! Now can you make me another one?” I think I made about 50 snow castles yesterday. All were completely totalled. I say give that snow a good swift kick and tell it to get the […]

Knitting With a Friend. Good Times.

My girlfriend, Missy, recently taught me how to knit. And I like it … but don’t love it yet. She, on the other hand LOVES it … and I can see why. It is a luxurious feeling to have soft cotton/wool yarn pass through your finger tips … to create something useful out of natural […]

Generation Gaps.

This weekend, I spent a few hours hanging out in downtown Bangor — making new friends — and taking some shots of the people who hang there. I loved every minute of it. I love our downtown — especially the cast of characters who can always be found there. And I am totally in love […]

Hanging Out in Bed … till whenever.

The bed seems to be our hang out spot for the past few days. So much snow … so much wind … keeps us inside – cuddling, reading, playing make-believe, and watching the Smurfs – all from the bed. So yummy. Occasionally we head out into the world, with lots of winter gear, and that […]

And the Winner Is:

Congratulations “Mommacole” … who said: “The he-man buttons rock but I am going with the Shy Little Kitten upcycled journal. Very sweet!” Please contact me for info on how to redeem your $30 Gift Certificate. And THANK YOU to all who participated! Also, I have been adding some fun pins to my shop offerings. These […]

Mama’s Museum Visit :: Alone.

Saturday morning I woke up with wanderlust. I felt the need to go somewhere special that was just for me … but had no plan. Both Halis and Isaac were asleep, and their deep snoring told me that it would be a while before they would wake. So, I got in the car, drove to […]