Seed Starting … With Pleasure!

So, I have never really been a successful gardener. I always way over think it … planning, reading, and sketching until I become so overly anxious about whether or not I am doing it right that I ruin all my best laid plans by being overly cautious. Not this time – I tell myself – because I have a 4-year old who wants in on the project. Out with the superego and in with the id. Just get the dirt and the seeds … and lose all thoughts on “doing it right”.

I thought I would make a day of introducing the whole indoor gardening idea by starting with a trip to the local Blue Seal. I asked Isaac what kind of seeds he wanted to plant, and he replied, “Beautiful flowers to give to my Mommy.” Awwww. Because we have recently joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) we have no need to grow veggies this year … so we opted for sunflowers, gourds (for making bird houses), basil (for pesto), cantaloupe, lemon balm, johnny jump ups (Mommy’s fave) and organic soil (of course).

When we returned home, we got right to work:

Isaac SO loved the dirt. It was a great learning opportunity as well … we talked about how seeds grow, where seeds come from, what plants need to be healthy, when we can plant these outdoors, etc. A great unschooling project.

Then Mommy thought it would be a great idea to fill lots of little jars with dirt and grass seed so that we can have little mounds of grass all over the house in time for Easter. Such a Martha Stewart-y thing to do.

All of this for about $35. Not bad for planting about 216 little circles of seeds in dirt. If all grow well, that’s a lot of plants! I think we may end up selling some at the end of the driveway.

Thanks to my four-year old, I may actually enjoy gardening this year 🙂

Have you started planting seeds yet where you are? Indoors or out? I would love to know what you are planting.



Jodi Renshaw

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