Monthly Archives: March 2009


It seems that everything I touch these days only gets half-done. Including this pillow cover. Perhaps I have too many projects going at once. How very Libra of me. Each day I am torn between playing with my son, running errands, working on craft projects, building my photography portfolio, hunting thrift stores, reading, exploring the […]

Around the Farm.

Ooohhh…. oooohhhh…. I love this book. Mostly because it was made by me. But, I really do love the photography inside … and love to show it to others. It is a nice compilation of all my favorite photos from around my old farm. Fond memories and some beautiful scenes. Hanging out the quilts to […]

Recession Sale!

I am having a bit of a “recession sale” of the photos I have posted in my This Handmade Life shop. Firstly because times are tough, so prices are reduced to accommodate (even shipping has been reduced). And secondly, because I have opened a new shop that is exclusive to my photography … so am […]

Easter Goody Exchange, Anyone?

Wow, this economy is getting tough. I may not understand all the ins and outs of the economics of this recession … but I do know that it is finally hitting home. My husband has had to take a significant cut in salary (and I do mean significant). So, much is going to have to […]

Family Matters.

I am sorry that I haven’t been posting lately. My Dad has been experiencing some trouble with his health … and our family has been rallying around him. It has been a tumultuous time for all of us. As I am certain that many of you already know … it is so scary when we […]

Signs of Impending Spring … in Maine.

The indoor seeds have sprouted: The chickens are venturing outdoors and laying again: Critters are coming out of hibernation: Mud is everywhere: The canoe is finally peeking out from behind a mound of snow: I am waking up a little bit happier each day. The sun is sticking around longer. Isaac and I venture further […]

Isaac’s “Frugal” Birthday Party.

I love hosting birthday parties “on the cheap”. I whole heartily believe in keeping things simple for Isaac so that he appreciates all that he has in life … without the expectation of the “more, more, more” attitude that seems to prevail in our society. So, I make it a goal at Christmas, Easter, and […]

Happy 4th Birthday Isaac!

Happy Birthday my sweet son. You have grown so very much. Here is the day that you were brought to Three Angels Orphanage — to wait for your Mommy & Daddy to find you. You were under a week old: Here you are on your 2nd birthday. Mommy decided to start a new tradition of […]

Seed Starting … With Pleasure!

So, I have never really been a successful gardener. I always way over think it … planning, reading, and sketching until I become so overly anxious about whether or not I am doing it right that I ruin all my best laid plans by being overly cautious. Not this time – I tell myself – […]