Monthly Archives: February 2009

My Funeral Song (A Long Time From Now).

I was asked today about what song I would want played at my funeral … and here was my choice. Mostly because it is my favorite song in the world … such soul. But also because it is a song of mourning. You’d think I would pick something more upbeat for my guests … knowing […]

A Boy, His Dog & His Fish.

Doesn’t my boy look so content? I love that look. Please don’t forget to sign up for my $30 Etsy Shop Anniversary Giveaway! And be sure to check out the shop for a $10 Anniversary Sale. As always, thank you for your support. Lots of Love, Jodi

My Etsy Shop: 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!

(Pirate Pillows – my first etsy sale) Two years ago this week, I began selling some of my handmade goodies on some new online “thingy” called Etsy. Now, Etsy itself is well-known and booming … my sales have been steady both online and off … my customers have been so friendly & generous … I […]

Lots & Lots of Snow.

I look forward to telling you all about my big Etsy Anniversary Giveaway … I really do. I intended to start it today … but snow, birthdays, and laundry have prevented me from doing so. Instead, I leave you with today’s “Appreciation” pic: Enjoy your day! Love, Jodi

Please Take a Look.

Hi friends. I have decided that it may be time to branch out and create a blog that is exclusive to my photography adventures. Though photography will always be part of “This Handmade Life” … I am hoping to grow my hobby into a business … so a new blog seems appropriate for promotional as […]

Weekend Goodies.

Hi friends …I have been going through my e-mails today and thought I would send along some special “freebies” for your weekend. Enjoy! * 40% off Borders Coupon * Dover Publication Printouts: here, here, here, and here … etc. * Need some cash? Sell some of your books on I did and got an […]

A New Skill. Hopefully.

I am learning a new skill. Hooray. Thanks to my good friend Missy, I am finally learning to knit, something I have always wanted to try. Very exciting stuff. She tells me there are loads of tutorial knitting videos on YouTube. I haven’t explored that yet, but let me know if you find anything wonderful […]

More Mister Rogers Love.

I took a short hiatus from my photography obsession this weekend to work on a bit of my sewing. As always, I enjoy incorporating a little Fred Rogers into my crafting … as I just love the man to bits … and looking at his smiling face makes the sewing that much more enjoyable. So, […]