Monthly Archives: January 2009

For the Birds.

(Last post before we leave for DisneyWorld 🙂 We used to keep the after-Christmas tradition of burning our beloved Christmas tree … outdoors … on New Years Day. It was our way of setting fire to the “old”, and welcoming in the “new”. We always had quite the fire-pit in our backyard, and would gather […]

When Mamma Plays Barbies …

… Midge gets a little “saucy” … … the Kens get in touch with their feminine sides … … Midge trys out her stripper routine … … and Barbie drinks more than she can handle. Barbie & Friends Gone Wild! Hey, if you are going to be pressured into playing Barbies for the umpteenth time […]

Imitating Snow.

One recent night, Halis and I were treated to some time alone. We chose to use that time to “play” with one another … something I always beg for … time alone to create, laugh, and share with one another … like children do. So, I grabbed paper, scissors, and my favorite snowflake making book: […]

Post- Christmas Sale in My Shop

I have SO many goodies that I am working on for my shop … loads of plans for upcycling all sorts of goodies for 2009. Many of these goodies I have already tried out on friends and family by gifting them and watching their reactions … and I am very pleased with the results. I […]

Mom’s Christmas Quilt: 2008.

Every year I make Mom a quilt for Christmas. This year’s quilt was particularly special, as it was made from a scrap quilt that my beloved Mother-in-Law started … yet never completed. I finished the quilt and gifted it to my Mom … who was always a huge fan of my Mother-in-Law’s gorgeous quilts. I […]