Silhouettes : Disney Part 5.

Silhouette crafting is everywhere. Apparently it is quite “in vogue” right now, and I must admit that I have caught the bug too. I bought this one for Dad for Christmas. And I am coveting all these … as well as these. It is certainly a classic art form, but has gained a recent upsurge in popularity.

There are plenty of books written on the subject too. And I am likely going to purchase a few within the next year. I hope to inspire some of my own creativity by adding some silhouettes to my sewing / quilting. (You may remember when my girlfriend created this gorgeous silhouette of her daughter — on a sweatshirt!).
Apparently, it is a tradition of sorts to have your silhouettes crafted on paper at the Magic Kingdom. Halis has several from his youth … and I have seen many DisneyWorld framed silhouettes grace the walls of various homes throughout the years. So, during our recent Disney vacation, I was excited to have our family silhouette created by a Magic Kingdom cast member.

Here is Halis’s pose for the artist …

And here is the outcome …

It took alot of candy to have Isaac sit still long enough.

I am really enjoying the beauty of this timeless portrait — and am feeling as though I have just taken part in a classic American tradition that I somehow missed as a child. Looking at the new family portrait makes me smile … and also makes me wonder if and when we will be adding more little babes to our family. I am hoping soon.

Enjoy the weekend!



P.S. Meaghan also had hers done as well. It is very sweet & I hope she will treasure it always 🙂
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