Monthly Archives: January 2009

Jumping on the Bed.

Perhaps this is the oldest and most loved children’s “sport” of all time: jumping on the bed. Admittedly, I love it too … still. Every time that Isaac’s “future wife” Sydney sleeps over … they endlessly perform their gymnastics skills on my bed. This time, I broke out the camera and tried to get some […]

It is a Small World – After All.

It is a running joke within my marriage, that I am NOT a fan of the “It’s A Small World” ride at Disney World. Boring, Cutesy, Freakish … these are the words I use to describe it … among others. But, it is a staple ride at the Magic Kingdom – one that everyone must […]

Artsy “Rubbish”.

Hi friends! Just wanted to let you know about a GREAT blog that my work was just featured in … It is “a recycled products catalog for the conscious consumer.” And here is the link to my feature. This woman is doing an amazing job of sharing some wonderful upcycled, repurposed items. Enjoy! Love,Jodi

Silhouettes : Disney Part 5.

Silhouette crafting is everywhere. Apparently it is quite “in vogue” right now, and I must admit that I have caught the bug too. I bought this one for Dad for Christmas. And I am coveting all these … as well as these. It is certainly a classic art form, but has gained a recent upsurge […]

Entering the Kingdom : Disney World Part 2.

Our family entered the kingdom … smiling from ear to ear … with instructions from Mommy that we were about to embark on a magical adventure just beyond the gate. You can imagine Meaghan & Isaac’s surprise when they entered the Magic Kingdom to find this magnificent castle awaiting them … with even more surprises […]

Our Disney Vacation: Part 1 of Many.

We are home now …. but what an amazing time we had in DisneyWorld! Truly amazing. I have been to Disney many times, but there is nothing like enjoying the magic of Disney with children by your side. The smiles, the enthusiasm, the wonder … it is so beautiful to be a part of. We […]