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It is 2:35 AM on New Year’s Day … and I am lying in bed … reflecting on 2008 … having just rocked in the New Year with our new Wii Rockband 2 (Mama on drums, Daddy on guitar, Meg on the mike and Isaac on the grumpy, why-won’t-anyone-play-with-me-right-now). I am usually not one for […]

Daddy’s New Toy.

Mama got Daddy a Nikon D60 for Christmas … partly because he expressed interest in learning photography … and partly because I want a photography buddy. Either way, he is totally enjoying it. I also gave him David Busch’s D60 Guide … and he has been reading it veraciously. I have a feeling that my […]

Visiting the Veterans.

I have tried to write this post — in my head — since Christmas Day. I am just not certain that I can properly articulate the depth of both the beauty and the sadness I encountered when visiting our local Veterans Home for Christmas (a “rest” home, long-term care facility for veterans). It was a […]

Wreath Making 101.

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me over to his garage to teach me the art of making evergreen wreaths. He has been making them almost his entire life … since before he was even school age. He told me stories of how during the holiday season he and his siblings were […]

The End of Handmade Children’s Products?

I wish that I didn’t even have to refer to this recent article from another blogger … but it is a MUST read for anyone who wants safe toys for their children, who believes in buying local and handmade, and who supports creative economies rather than the “big box” stores. PLEASE READ THIS and Act […]

The Nutcracker: Our Christmas Tradition.

Every year that I attend the Nutcracker, I come home with a fancy that I too can fly across a stage in a single delicate and utterly gorgeous leap … landing into the arms of a powerful and handsome young man … while a crowd of appreciative onlookers are awed and inspired by my gracious […]

What I Did This Weekend:

I made hundreds of magnets … putting together sweet magnet sets for every taste … and for every stocking hung by the chimney with care. Just $6 per set … some in my shop now … more on the way. Oh, and pins too! Enjoy your holiday shopping. Love, Jodi

Secret Santas.

I think I finally know what I want to be when I grow up : a Secret Santa. The “real” kind. The kind that belongs to a Secret Santa Society. The kind that goes around spreading wealth and good deeds to unsuspecting people. I would wear a big white mustache and beard (along with my […]