Monthly Archives: November 2008

Photographing November.

November has always been a hard month for me. The colorful fall foliage has all fallen from the trees and scattered in the wind. The days are oh so short. The sun is scarce. And my seasonal affect disorder kicks into high gear — making me want to either sleep, cry or go mad (and […]

The Gocco Swap.

Many posts ago, I shared that I was creating some Gocco prints for my very first Gocco swap (actually, they were also my very first Gocco prints). This swap was hosted (and well organized) by Lisa over at the The Bunny Log Blog. Lisa’s Gocco swap was the impetus I needed to finally get over […]

Upcoming Craft Fairs.

Hi friends. Here is such a small sampling of the magnet sets I have been working on for my upcoming craft fairs. I am so happy with them … especially the Cowboy sets made from this very sweet vintage cowboy book that I found at Goodwill. I sell each set for just $5 at local […]

7 Things I Am Lovin’ Right Now:

1. The right to VOTE! 2. These two prints by Berkley Illustration: 3. Craft Fairs. Selling crafts to those who are willing to pay for them because they fully appreciate the work and beauty of a lovingly handmade item … well, that is just downright addictive. I am booked at various fairs from now till […]

Halloween 2008. (Oh, and another giveaway!)

The Jack-O-Lantern: The Costume: The Trick-or-Treating: The “After-Party”: Wondering about the “After-Party”? Well, my Dad won us a couple of tickets to Stephen King’s annual Halloween Screening at the local cinema. Every year at Halloween, Stephen and his radio station put on a bit of a party at the Bangor Mall Cinemas. They give out […]