Monthly Archives: October 2008

The Sisters Grimm.

If you don’t know by now, I am a lover of children’s literature … especially the fairy tale variety. And I am a HUGE fan of the “series” … you know … books that come out in a chronological order … tales that build upon one another … tales where characters are so well constructed […]

If All the World Could See My Son …

Like every Mom in the world, I think my child is the best looking, most photogenic, wonderfully spirited child anyone could ever know. And I figure that every human being could benefit from seeing his picture on the cover of magazines, in a Gap ad or plastered across the back of a city bus. What […]

October, How I Love Thee.

October — you make me happy. Long ago, you saw me into this world … on a cool crisp afternoon. The first air I breathed came from you. You have continued to nourish me throughout my life … inspiring me with your rich autumn colors, enriching my body with your earthy scented air, calling me […]