Monthly Archives: October 2008

Halloween Goodies.

Hi all 🙂 Here are some early Halloween treats for my bloggy friends. Enjoy! Only Slightly Spooky Skeleton Cutout Black Cat Mask Halloween Coloring Pages GIVEAWAY by Simply Joy Catering GIVEAWAY Shenandoah Costume (to die for!) GIVEAWAY “Eye”let Candy by Retro Cafe Art Gallery Martha Stewart Pumpkin Carving Templates Blogger Halloween Party Any other links […]

Good News.

I have great news. Really great news. As you may remember, I have been quite worried about my son’s BirthFamily in Haiti. After the intense hurricanes and floods that recently devestated much of their country, I had hoped to connect with them to find out how they weathered the storms. My current liason to the […]

My Birthday.

I was born 35 years ago today. At 3:15 to be exact. On a Sunday. Daughter of an 18 year old girl and her 21 year old husband … who are still married to this day 🙂 I love that I was born in October. I love that the day was beautiful, full of fall […]

A Typical Unschooled Day.

Yesterday was lovely in so many ways. The weather was wonderful. And how we made our way through the day felt so right. Here is how it went (more or less): * We woke up when we felt like it. * We ate fresh, hot brownies for breakfast. * We put together a few puzzles […]

More Fall Giveaways.

I’d love to begin posting other bloggy giveaways as a weekly feature of this blog. I’ll do the research on “who” is giving away “what” … and you just need to follow the links to the goodies. Sound good? Please let me know what you think in the comments section. And here are this weeks […]

13 is a Wonderful Number.

13 years ago today, I was scared out of my mind. And so were you. We knew that we were wildly in *lust* with one another … with enough love mixed in to make it plausible that we could last a lifetime. But we worried whether it would be enough … as we were such […]

The Baseball Helmet.

I love buying “dress up” clothes and accessories for Isaac. He has an entire box full of all sorts of gear that one might need when looking to role play a character: pirate scarves, princess dresses, fireman hats, a construction belt, wigs of various colors, magic wands, etc. And when I saw the baseball helmet […]

Monday, Monday …

Hi all. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Now we are back into our Monday routines … and as I update this blog today, I feel as though I have a bunch of “loose ends” to tie up as well as some special “announcements”. * First, congrats to Mitzi over at My Artful Spirit […]